Week 2

This week we are jumping right into the concept of blogging, just a quick little bit of information, a blog is a journal where people put their thoughts on things they are interested in and blogging is the act of writing these thoughts on the internet.

what is blogging? 

To me, blogging is the act of putting your thoughts to paper, or in this case, on the internet.

the role of blogging in social Media:

blogging plays a big part of social media as people have a platform to voice their opinions without a word limit, it gives people the opportunity to promote their business/company or to promote their voices and have every say about how they want something run or how they are feeling about a certain topic.

Blogging and Business:

As I have said in the previous paragraph, blogging helps to expand a business because the owner has the control over what they want to go out into the universe in means of publicity etc.


This is a very small post, but I am working on improving my content, so stick around.

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