Week 3

So this week is all about the world wide web, it was very interesting for me to learn about how and when things on the internet came around and when they became popular. To kick us off there have been/still to come 4 types of web.

The first is web 1.0:

Web 1.0 is the first generation of the world wide web, it was only able to be used to for reading, so I’m guessing it was around before facebook was. Businesses used this web to promote their product and to expand their customer database, there was very limited interactions for users, so for this web, all you could pretty much do is search for a business and read about them, not very useful right?. This web could only be used on dial up as well so it would have been super slow, and no one could use the phone whilst you were on the web.

The second generation of the web is web 2.0:

This generation was formed in 2004, and it had been improved to you can now instead of just reading you could write on it, so I’m guessing this is where facebook was introduced. Broadband came around at this time as well, so no more waiting for long for the web to kick in. Also included when this web was introduced was the formation of blogs and search engines such as google.

The next web is web 3.0:

This web was formed in 2006, it was designed to define structure data and to put that data in order to make it more effective. This type of web is a portable personal web, this means that it was designed to provide accounts for individuals, for example, accounts for emails, social media etc.

The last web is web 4.0:

This web is actually yet to be released, they are hoping that this web will be parallel to the human brain and that there will be possibilities of having human interaction with machines. The reading and writing execution will be perfected.

Compare and Contrast:


http://brecreative.weebly.com/blog (cited website for image).

Last little Word meaning:

Semantic web is referred to as the ‘web of data’ this means that this type of web is mostly used to help with data or to produce data.

Information Architecture means the structure of the web and how things are shared between environments.

Internet of Things means the connection of physical things to that of the web.

Artificial Intellegence means the theory of having computers be at the same speed of the human brain, this relates to the yet made web 4.0.

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2 thoughts on “Week 3

  1. Hi Cecile. I like how you have described each of the different Web versions and the image used is a great way to represent all the many differences.

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