Week 4

Small Businesses, Non-Profits, and Mobile Social Media.

As most of you know, Social Media is used differently by various types of people, some use it for personal use, others use it for their business. Small businesses and Non-profits would use social media such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram (to name a few) to help expand their business or their organisation and to gain more customers. Using Mobile Social Media for a business can become a faster way of getting a hold of the customer for emergency situations.

How can Small businesses and non-profits use social media?

Organisations use social media to safeguard or build reputations, they use it to find new customers. to build communities, and get these new customers to engage with one another and the company. Social media can only be used as an advertising trait, it can’t be used to sell products from the company depending on what they are selling. Small businesses and non-profits can also use social media by spreading the word of their organisation or business by creating hashtags, these will help to keep every post from every person involved in one place.

How might the use of Social media differ for small and large businesses and in B2C and B2B contexts?

The communication performance successfully made marketing strategies of the company easier. Social media apps helped businesses to communicate with potential customers. It gave businesses the ability to see if their messages had been sent/received.

When used by businesses, in what ways does mobile social media differ from ‘traditional’ social media?

Social media apps are easily used and are able to create and share content from many different types. When social media apps are used by businesses they are faster and they have plenty of options for how they send a message or business data. for example, emojis can be used in social media apps this can help people to communicate much faster, cutting the time in half, leaving more time for other problems in a business.

What, if any, are the risks of using social media to small businesses (and all businesses)?

More than 60% of business owners say they haven’t seen any income despite their presence online. Small businesses falling for having to pay for social media advertising when they aren’t receiving any income from it can cause them to either become bankrupt, or it is just a waste of money, therefore, they may have made a bad investment.

So, overall, social media can help a business to expand and to organise their findings/data, also depending on the size of their business it might pay for them to use social media apps as it can help to get in contact with their client faster.

That concludes week 4, give it a comment, let me know if you liked it if you didn’t etc




4 thoughts on “Week 4

  1. Hi Cecile, I like how you broke each of the questions down into different sections. It makes for an easier reading experience. Also, good use of bold on the question headings. I look forward to reading to more of your work. (I’ll also try and comment on your other blog posts – later on this week!).

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  2. Hi Cecile, I love the look of your blog site, ahhh all grey everything 🙂 you are clearly very organised having regularly posted your blogs early. Please be careful if you are using your blogs later for study purposes. How might the use of Social media differ for small and large businesses and in B2C and B2B contexts – does not offer an explanation of what B2C and B2B contexts are and starts a little brokenly. When used by businesses, in what ways does mobile social media differ from ‘traditional’ social media? – please make sure you have another mobile social media difference in mind for the final exam, just because emoji’s are not exclusive to mobile social media.

    I just point these things out because you are clearly a hard worker and it would be great to find out that you really nailed the exam xo

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